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PODCAST: Talking about food sensitivities & why elimination doesn't heal you

Navigating food intolerances/sensitivities is something I have gone through myself and it’s something I have to explore with many clients as well. There can be a lot of moving parts to this food ‘allergy’ equation. It’s not as simple as ONLY avoiding or removing because then you never uncover what led to this and what can lead you back towards freedom.

That shared, in episode #106, I share some thoughts and a reframe for you as well as some considerations to start with before going straight to eliminating foods. 

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It is important to honor our bodies where they are at when they signal a NO around a food. BUT it’s equally, if not more so, important to live in a FREE body. A body that doesn’t have to view real food as a threat. That is not a joyful way to have to live.

I’ve seen some pretty amazing things happen around recovering food intolerances over my years doing this work. One thing I want to relay is that you don’t have to accept ‘food allergies’ as your lifelong fate. I’ve even seen true anaphylactic peanut allergies reversed over time.

In the end, elimination and avoidance do not HEAL or free you.

Nourishment, rebuilding and repairing the body over time does.

It’s up to you to choose which space you want to be in (limitation or freedom).

Your nervous system will try to keep you safe by avoiding the food but you can choose to honor that and lean into the unknown towards healing anyway.

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