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Now Is The Time To Be What You Are – Magic In Motion.

mindset personal growth Jan 21, 2019

*Note: Listen to the full episode on the podcast here (recorded May 14, 2020). 

I believe in magic, do you? I believe EVERYONE alive is magical as fuck. They just may not know it, yet.

Take me for example. I spent most of my life disconnected from my emotional self and inner truth.

Part of that has to do with how I was brought up. My family did not communicate. Emotional intelligence was completely lacking and as an empathic INFP that simply caused me to go within. Not to actually find deeper meaning, rather, I spent much time lost in creating alternative realities to tolerate and often to escape the one I was living in. At least I was creating, I’m sure I could write several fantasy novels from those years.

What I finally learned by the time I arrived to my 40’s was that it was never truly safe for me to face my emotional reality. As a child raised in a punitive strict christian home, where corporal punishment was administered, empathy and emotional support was non-existent, I learned to bury my feelings and not work through them.

I also realized I experienced a lot of trauma in my life. Trauma from not only physical abuse, but verbal abuse and emotional isolation. I literally was so numb to it, to be able to have recognized it for what it was, was also traumatic (at first).

When it comes to damage there is no real difference between physical, sexual and emotional abuse. All that distinguishes one from the other is the choice of weapons.- Utah Domestic Violence Coalition

Abuse of any kind is a trauma. The effects of a traumatic event or history of repeated traumatic events place a heavy burden on an individual. This can impact their entire family and all their relationships.

Research has shown that traumatic experiences are associated with both behavioral health and chronic physical health conditions, especially those traumatic events that occur during childhood. This can lead to things like substance abuse, mental health related issues, risky behaviours.

Dr. Amen states in his research on trauma that; 'Emotional traumas in PTSD are “branded in the brain.” It can take time to fully recover from this, I know this firsthand and will be sure to share more with you as it comes through.

Now, Back to the Magic…

Deep down as a little girl I believed in magic. I even thought I held my own magic but had to keep it a secret. I was certain no one would believe me or they’d think I was crazy.

I now think it’s crazy that anyone would think otherwise, but I also realize so many of us are trapped in outdated ways of thinking, stuck in burn out, or recovering from trauma like I had to (which, unfortunately doesn’t happen overnight).

You see, every single human alive carries uniqueness that no one else alive possesses. If you think about that, it’s a marvel. YOU are one of a kind. This is the magic! The very essence of YOU is a gift to the entire world if you allow it to be.

I’m so grateful I finally figured this out on my own. While I wish my parents had been the ones to empower me with this truth, learning it for myself and owning it has been an incredible gift.

Until I believed in the magic of me, I lived in a world of apathy and often with a bit of a victim mindset. The kind of withdrawal I chose due to my upbringing, led to isolation and analysis paralysis. I stayed in my head stuck in overthinking mode and wasn’t fully alive in my body or in tune with my soul or desires.

Deep down I always knew there had to be more, there had to be a reason I chose the fantasies that I did. I mean to a degree they were an illusion, but there was something behind them that my heart craved.

As I found people who could relate to my life experiences, people who felt safe, I began to heal. I began to process my past out loud, verbally. It started in my therapists office that first visit I share about. I began to journal as a safe space to process and release my feelings, my hurts, my wounds, my pain. And I created boundaries by cutting people out of my life who didn’t make me feel safe, loved or accepted.

It was in the safe relationships and safe sanctuary of the woods, my meditations, my journaling that I began to heal deeply and fully from all the trauma I had experienced in my life.

I had to learn to shift away from the distractions of the world, create space and learn to listen to my own inner knowing to gain clarity. I wish I could say this was an easy process. It wasn’t. It was long and arduous and painful, but incredibly liberating.

Why? Because I finally came back to me. The real me. The magical as fuck, Lydia Joy!

I learned how to shift from an unhealthy state of withdrawal to a healthier version. I learned to process my feelings so I was able to integrate all the facets of myself; the light, the dark, my physical self and soul or spirit self. I let my emotions stabilize in this space and time I created.

What I noticed as I healed was I started to live out of my inner being, my ‘essence’ instead of trying to live right through external rules often based on fear. Instead of trying to control myself from the outside in, I was at peace from the inside out. My choices and actions began to align and flow more. Living from the inside out is incredibly liberating my friends.

The truth is, you and I are complete and whole as we already are. The problem is, we don’t believe it. Often because we aren’t taught this and then we are conditioned by our parents, religion, society to fit into a mold or box that we could never possibly fit inside.

Even in spite of all of this, even when you feel like you are not enough because of so much bullshit conditioning, you already are more than enough. I promise. This is the magic. Your more than 'enoughness'. Your uniqueness. Your ‘you’ness. Your originality.

This is marvelous isn’t it? You are a whole and complex human being, let yourself revel in all the facets of your existence. And then let yourself BE what you are my friend- magic in motion.  

I am grateful for my life experiences and what they taught me, even though many of them were incredibly painful. I have learned to let all the pain from my past, which I buried for so long, come through now so it can teach me what it needs to. So I can keep healing, keep growing, and this allows me to step into more of my true power and magic.

Such as showing up and sharing my story, my truth. Empowering other women who need to hear my story so it can help them find a safe place to heal their trauma and begin to thrive.

Your magic will liberate you and others.

I was able to close a chapter of my life, the one that I was not living in alignment with who I really was for so many reasons. I have also embraced my story, instead of hating my past or rejecting it, I’ve come to see it as a path to my transformation.  

All life is cyclical. After one chapter, comes the next. The more you can continue to move towards your deepest soul longings and lean into what they are really telling you or showing you, the more you will need to let go of your past. Including the mindsets that were ingrained into you, so you can clear the way for more clarity and freedom.

If you want to see and believe in your own magic, you are going to have to experience ‘death’.

Endings of things in your life that were only there to teach you the lesson intended. Endings of seasons and relationships. Endings of outdated belief systems that no longer serve you. I had to allow for a lot of endings so I could experience more personal growth. I had to confront a lot of my own inner ‘demons’ (unhealthy patterns), because they were not good for me anymore.
That was not something I could ever do in the past.

Everyone is subject to metaphorical death throughout their lifetime. So it is important to accept the times when you need to end something, so you can free up space to have something better. This will allow your magic to come through more the more you allow to let go of anything in your life that no longer serves you. It’s a continual ongoing iterative process my friends.

So believe and trust that whatever transformations occur for you, they are making space for you to emerge into a fresh new chapter. Any change should be welcomed as a positive, cleansing, transformational force in your life.

The death and clearing away of limiting factors or beliefs can open the door to a broader, more satisfying experience of life. A magical existence that was always there all along for the taking, you just had to believe it was there in the first place.

The world needs your magic… so tap into your emotions, clear out the clutter from past beliefs or mindsets that are no longer serving you or anyone for that matter. Now is the time to be what you are, magic in motion!

If you are looking for support with a mentor and coach to empower you further than you can on  your own, I invite you to book a breakthrough session with me. A breakthrough session is designed to provide you with clarity, confidence and effective tools to move beyond the challenges you are facing (in your health or life) and a simple action plan to follow so you can start creating a life you love.

Now, I would love to hear from you … what makes you magic? What is it about you that is so unique? Share in the comments below…


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