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Burnout: Heal Your Body from Mineral Deficiencies Starting With Food First

It has become increasingly clear to me that one of the biggest obstacles people in burnout face is that the minerals are missing and their bodies can't run fully charged. The traditional system of health care for anyone facing burnout does not address this issue. 

Sooner or later, we figure this out and realize we must turn elsewhere to help heal our bodies in a more thorough way. 

Many people turn to their diet and start to clean it up and begin to feel better when switching to real, whole, organic, quality sourced foods. However, many realize it's difficult to go the distance with food alone.

There is a very valid reason for this. Our modern food has it's share of challenges, two of those being the incredible depletion of minerals as well as the increased toxicity of our soils. 

Once we realize this, we can get more thorough in our approach to food. We must source the best quality we can find to increase the demand for it's production. Then we must also learn how to get our nutrition from our food first before we rush to supplementation, as it has to be done in a holistic, smart and measured manner. 

That shared, there are two categories of minerals in our diet; the macro minerals and the micro minerals. 

The macro minerals include: magnesium, sodium and chloride, potassium, calcium, phosphorous and sulfur. 

The macro minerals are the ones we need a lot of for optimal health and well being. 

The micro minerals include; iron, zinc, iodine, selenium, copper, manganese, chromium, molybdenum, silcion/silica and boron. 

The micro minerals (aka: trace minerals) are needed in much smaller amounts. 

It's important to start first with food,  good quality sea salt, proper hydration and then supplement once you have established these core habits. Supplementing requires that you know for sure what your body needs through testing. It will be imperative to know for sure without guessing so you can fully recover from burnout. Burnout is the same thing as mineral depletion. 

That shared, head over to my Instagram to check out my videos. I covered the macros and micros in two separate videos; HERE (macros) and HERE (micros). 

If you want to recover or rebuild from burnout (or prevent it) - I invite you to join: REMINERALIZE. 

You'll soon be on your way to igniting back the spark you lost, who knows when, and get back to enjoying your life with newfound energy! 

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