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The KEY building blocks every health trend in 2020 is missing

So many health trends out there in 2020 which one should I pick to try ? 

Right now biohacking your health is trendy.The keto diet is trendy. Super food bowls are trendy. Veganism is growing strong. 

Doesn't matter what the trend, none of them are complete healing paths. They are all just hacks, not necessarily getting you the building blocks you need for optimal health. 

Many of my clients come to me having tried this diet or that diet or this trend or that trend. They are still missing something because they don't have the energy they would like and they feel SO ON EDGE. Not to mention a myriad of other random health complaints that all the hacks and health 'bandaids' they've tried haven't fixed. 

The truth of the matter is, the trends are like throwing fancy decor in a house that is missing some of it's foundations. When you are missing the key building blocks in the foundation of your health you won't create lasting health. You won't get the results you truly want. Why? Because a house built on a faulty foundation won't stand the storms of life. 

So if any diet or health trends or super foods won't cut it, what will?

Should you focus on, sun and more grounding. Should you work on emotional healing, and healing your inner child wounds?

You absolutely should do all of those things and as much as you can. We all have emotional 'baggage' and wounds from being alive on this planet.

We all live primarily indoors today and have lost the benefits of being deeply in touch with nature's healing powers.

However, there is still something healing emotions and nature therapy can't provide you with, that you must consume daily. 

Every health, trend or habit that is popular in 2020 is still missing one key building block that most health gurus and holistic healers are not addressing. What is it? 

Minerals of course! 

But you knew I was going there didn't you? After all it's my favorite subject to talk about and it's what I've become known for. Minerals pretty much saved my life! 

So why the heck do minerals matter so much? 

Well let's dissect them a bit shall we. 

The job minerals have in the human body is multifaceted. They actually have many jobs. There are also many minerals necessary for human function. The human body cannot make it's own minerals. We must get them from our water and food. Every single day. We must also then be able to break them down in our body as well as absorb them. 

What minerals do for human health 

Minerals are quite possibly the most important group of nutrients human beings require. They regulate most body functions by participating in chemical compounds in the body and they also form the structure of the human body. What's left when a body is cremated? The ashes, which are minerals!

Your body has a mineral system. It means that all the minerals necessary for human health absolutely must be maintained in a certain balance or else disease will eventually creep in. 

Minerals are what keep your human battery going to hold it's charge.

One big job they do is to help enzyme reactions in the body to work. All of our cells require enzymes to work and function and without the minerals they won't work. What happens when our cells don't work... hmm, let's take guess? 

Minerals also help nutrients into the cells. For example, did you know that in order for water to cross the cell membrane minerals have to be there? If they aren't our cells won't take in the water and we won't get adequately hydrated. This is why people can say, I drink water all the time but I still feel thirsty, tired and pee it all back out. 

Minerals help to contract and relax your muscles. Not just one mineral either. Those calf cramps you get and that neck tension you get - yeah, it means you are missing minerals. 

Our structure relies on minerals. Osteoporosis is on the rise, and no you don't just need calcium and vitamin D in a mad hurry to fix the bone loss. You need multiple minerals otherwise you could make your bones structure WORSE. 

Our nerves, both literal and figurative, require minerals for proper conduction. The human nervous system is powered by minerals. Too much or too little can swing the autonomic nervous system from one extreme to the next. 

You've probably heard how calcium is needed for strong bones or potassium is needed to avoid muscle cramps, or you need selenium for thyroid health. Yada yada. The problem with this over-simplistic mineral hearsay is we are missing how to look at minerals holistically within the system they operate in. 

You need many minerals, not just one for numerous functions. It's silly to pick one mineral and pick one health problem and think we can treat it like a bandaid. We have to stop viewing our health in this allopathic way. A pill to fix an ill. A supplement to fix a symptom. A symptom appears we don't like it, we want to fix it quickly, we try something as if it's a drug to hurry up and fix it. Ignoring the complexity of our human system. We don't solve the root problem. Which is we are missing the minerals in the first place. They help our body work properly so we don't keep having random symptoms we try to fix in isolation from how our body actually works. You tracking with me?

So, with that shared...if you want to have vibrant health both now and in the future, getting the building blocks put back into place will be essential. 

You are a human being made up of many building blocks: one of them is minerals. You are also alive on the planet during a time that humans have abused nature and now the water, soil and food we have access to has become both depleted and toxic. Depleted of minerals as well as contaminated with pesticides, toxins and even glyphosate a toxin that actually binds the minerals available to the plants we then consume. That's why you MUST source organic and non-GMO foods. 

What are the problems with minerals today?

I could spend countless hours on this, but I won't. What I will say is minerals have many adversaries nowadays. 

We already know the soil and water are deficient as well as toxic. Table salt was refined and has been used ever since you and I have been alive. Refined foods are devoid of minerals. Many are amended with calcium (in a crappy form no less) but not ALL the minerals in the right balance. We eat improperly; too much and too fast which reduces mineral absorption. Food chemicals and additives by the thousands, yes by the THOUSANDS (what the actual eff America?) can irritate the intestines reducing mineral absorption, what little is present, even more. 

Gut infections, dysbiosis and parasites which are surprisingly common but not addressed by allopathic medicine, further impair mineral absorption and utilization. 

All babies today are born low in important trace minerals because their mothers are (almost always) deficient. At best most women take some calcium or a multivitamin when they are pregnant (not often before) and that's if they aren't nauseous to even tolerate taking pills. Most prenatal formulas are way too low in minerals and no one is addressing this. Not to mention the more babies a woman has without remineralizing before and in between pregnancies, each subsequent baby will get less than the one before. 

If it seems bleak, that's because it is -however don't quit on me yet, I do have the good news coming! 

So, if our water is no longer mineral rich and now has toxic elements in it and our food is grown on soil that is no longer mineral rich and has toxic elements in it and we have all these factors making it harder to get them and keep them how are we going to enough minerals for the use of our health both to recover it and sustain it in the long run? 

It's a conundrum for sure. It's not impossible BUT it does require a purposeful plan of action on our part if we want to have the minerals a key building block for human function, health and well being. 

There are several things you need to know to start navigating how to get started with minerals to get back your spark, aka energy and enjoy radiant health. 

You need to know what minerals your body needs to function optimally, where to get them, what forms are best and how much you specifically need. You also need to know the things that impede minerals function in the human body. As well as what toxic forms or excess exposures of minerals there are. 

So to recap, here's what you need to know; why you are missing them, where to get them, how to absorb them, how to avoid junky forms of the minerals as well as learn what toxins are lurking in your life that could diminish their impact on your health. 

Now, that's seems pretty straightforward but next you need to know how all the minerals then work together within a system: your human mineral system. So you can understand how they work both synergistically and antagonistically. This way you don't throw things off in your system. This piece can be a little more tricky without testing but there's some great baseline info you can learn to make sure you're never isolating any one mineral, taking too much and throwing others out of balance by doing so. 

This begs the question, 'well can't I just take a multi mineral supplement and learn how to detox all the toxic stuff?'

I really wish it was that simple. But it won't correct the imbalances you have because of living on this planet for as long as you have. 

You can start by implementing a few basic habits, learning how minerals work in your body and learning what toxins are problematic. This will get you on a path towards restoring the minerals you are missing as well as allowing your body to hold on to them more effectively. You'll also know better what foods to shop for, how to drink mineral rich water and where in your home and life you have toxins lurking so you can do something about it. 

Why would you want to make these changes and efforts? 

Well because it takes as long as 9-12  months to actually restore the level of even just one mineral in your body. Imagine how long it could take for replenish a dozen or more without throwing things off balance?

Trust me, you want to build good tissue levels of minerals so you are not living in a minerally bankrupt body. Where you spend more of your minerals than you have coming in just like living paycheck to paycheck. You and I both know, eventually you'll end up in financial ruin. The same is true with your health.

The good news is, once you start implementing a plan to remineralize your body, you can start to feel a difference in a short amount of time. Energy can pick back up, cramps can go away, moods ease, sleep improves and more. When this happens it's exciting and a relief. It gives you the proof and motivation to keep implementing so you can truly rebuild and remineralize. 

Creating a sustainable lifestyle approach with a mission to remineralize your body is not as hard as you think. It will require some change on your part, as well as education but I promise you can be on your way in just a few short months. 

It's my mission to help you do just that and it's why I created my program: REMINERALIZE.

This mini online program will break down the information you need and show you the steps to take to avoid all the confusion from google searching and get you on your way to getting your body working more efficiently. 

Imagine waking up knowing you can have lasting energy to feel like yourself again!

If you want to recover or rebuild from wherever you are currently in your health journey - I invite you to join: REMINERALIZE.

You'll soon be on your way to igniting back the spark you lost who knows when and get back to enjoying your life with newfound energy!

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