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Talking Microbes: The impacts of low butyrate function

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As you know I believe minerals run the show of the human body, even the microbes in your gut rely on mineral balance. Minerals & Microbes are foundational elements every one of us needs to thrive. In this episode I want to hone in on one aspect of gut health that I see as a key anyone can focus on improving to also benefit their whole health. 

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When the gut microbiome is running low in its keystone species this impacts systemic functionality as well. 

For example; one function I see low on all of my clients BiomeFX stool sample results is low butyrate function. It’s one of many BUT here’s why even this one function alone in the low range can impact many things. 

What is butyrate? 

Butyrate is a short-chain fatty acid that provides fuel for the cells of our gut lining,  supports immune system functions of the colon wall and protects against certain diseases of the digestive tract. There are other SCFAs like acetate and propionate, but the benefits of butyrate are particularly well-researched.

Butyrate is produced by your gut bacteria and supports digestive health and disease prevention.

Our gut bacteria digest tough plant fibers for us and turn them into a number of organic compounds, including “short-chain fatty acids” (SCFAs) that have well known proven benefits for our health and well-being. 

Our gut bacteria produce fatty acids, vitamins and amino acids that have a range of beneficial effects for the body, from promoting healthy immune system function to maintaining the integrity of the gut lining. 

Check out episode #35 from October 30 2020 that I did with Kiran Krishnan - you will get a massive education on the microbiome one that is SO needed -so do yourself a favor and listen to that episode. In many ways your microbiome and immune system are one in the same. 

I would love to hear from you, did you have any take-aways from this episode -leave me a comment below. 

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