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How To Make Peace With Your Body

food freedom health mindset Mar 25, 2019

Have you ever been at war with your own body? Missing out on life because you didn’t like some aspect of yourself or how you felt inside your own skin? Ugh, me too.

I used to have such anxiety about my belly, my gut also know as the dreaded ‘muffin top’. My belly was flabby and stood out on my otherwise long, leanish body. It made me feel frumpy and unattractive, but also it was uncomfortable being so bloated people mistook me for being pregnant. Nope… I was just bloated and couldn't lose the belly weight or flab. So embarassing.

This happened at least a dozen times over many years. People would literally congratulate me and say, when are you due? Eye roll... I'm pretty sure we all know the take-away lesson there.

To be honest, over those years my life was overwhelmingly unfulfilling. I did not love my life. There were many reasons for that, however I can recall a such deep disgust for my mid-section. I was a slave to my own misery. Often all I could think about was my belly, and how bad it felt. How unattractive it seemed to me. Even when other people didn’t agree.

Seriously, I spent way too much time overthinking and worrying about it. I wrestled with dieting, back and forth. Even when I stopped dieting and no longer believed in diets, I still felt like maybe I 'should' do one. I tried a lot of gut healing protocols, worried I had every gut issue on the planet.

Trying on clothes was depressing. Going to the pool or beach was something I tried to avoid. One summer I wouldn’t even get in the pool with my kids because I didn’t want to be seen in a bathing suit. And I sure as heck didn’t want to be in photos with them and if I did agree to a photo, it had to be above the waist and up.

So believe me when I say, I get that anxiety about how you look and feel is real and legit just sucks your life away. Not to mention, wastes a TON of time and energy that could be spent on living your best life in every moment. I feel like I wasted so much of my life just being anxious about my gut and at war with my body.

Over 2 years ago, I finally made peace with my body and with food. I stopped worrying about my belly, my bloated muffin top. I stopped dieting for good and got back to my ideal weight and am able to still maintain it. I also got back in the pool with my kids. I put on the damn bikini that was gathering dust in my drawer. I started buying clothes I love and all of that anxiety I had over my belly… it’s ancient history.

My secret…I started to envision the life I really wanted and then I chose to go out and get it.

You see, I had been living as a victim of my circumstances, instead of choosing to actively create a life I enjoyed. I finally fell in love with my life and with living it.

Dieting and body shame hurts your psychological health and well-being. There is a much better way to make true peace with your body.

Now of course it was a journey for me and one that grew deeper over time… but as I learned to create a life of joy, I also cultivated a deep appreciation for my body and my inner confidence grew. Goodbye body anxiety. Hello body respect!

I’ve seen this exact same thing happen for my clients too. The clients who do my detoxes usually get quick short term results. Radical ones even, but they don't always last very long if the client goes back to doing what they did before the detox.

However, the clients who dig into their mindset and emotions through my coaching work get long term sustainable results.
They get back to their truest happiest selves. That is where the real magic & freedom is my friends.

It’s an inside out transformation, not an overnight quick fix. Sure you can control your body and force some results on just about any diet framework, BUT they won’t last if you go back to your old habits and patterns.

And this is where SO many women get stuck, in trying everything to control their body from the outside. If you keep trying that and it's not working, when will you realize it takes a whole new approach.

Now, I would love to hear from you... have you struggled with being at war with your body?  Did my story resonate with you in any way? Share in the comments below…

Real talk...
I want every woman to prioritize her joy so she can finally make those lasting changes for her health and body.

This is something I help women with in my 1:1 coaching work. I will help you move away from being at war with your body, so you can ditch the anxiety that's stealing your life away.  Instead, finally start to truly enjoy your life, feel good about yourself and cultivate habits that are kind and respectful of your body.

All this can be done without dieting, counting calories or worrying if you eat carbs. No more trying to find the right diet to just lose the weight, rather you'll learn to fall into a way of eating that makes sense for you and you only. You'll enjoy nourishing foods as well as pleasure foods. You won't dread going out to eat with your friends and you won't get depressed when you look in your closet. Your body is your home for the rest of your life, and you get to feel good in it.

Now I would love to hear from you...  What are your challenges with accepting and loving your body? Have you ever struggled with holding yourself back from doing things because of your body image issues? Let me know in the comments below...

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