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Guest Podcast: True health and healing

One of my biggest missions this past year has been to find a local like-minded community. I believe that community is a key pillar for our collective health. In these times we have lost the ways of the tribe that our ancestors long ago would have benefitted greatly from. 

In January of this year, I attended an Activation Watch Party to host the Greater Reset Virtual event held by the Freedom Cell movement. It was in Pottstown Pennsylvania and several of my local health and freedom collaborative friends attended as well. 

I met some amazing folks at that event, Jeff being one of them. Jeff and I hit it off right away with some potent convos. We found out each other hosted podcasts and I began to listen to his - the Go-Auf podcast. I was quite impressed. 

Recently we attended a weekend retreat with many others in this growing movement in this corner of our state. It was a powerful weekend and amazing experience. So Jeff and I chatted about that on this episode we recorded on the heels of this potent experience. 

Jeff also wanted to dig into what I do as a nutritional therapist and had lots of questions. We shared a fun, dynamic conversation that I think you will really enjoy. 

Listen to episode 40:  of the Go-Auf podcast hosted by my friend Jeff Hippauf on his podcast here: True health and healing 


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