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PODCAST: Are your cells made of plastic?

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Where did we go wrong with the fats we are primarily consuming in our modern world instead of the nutrient dense fats traditional people groups consumed?

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In this episode I share about I wanted to expound a bit on an aspect of what I shared in my last episode; 130 about my regenerative farm tour and fat soluble vitamins. As well as cover a bit more about why your cells are affected by bad fats. I shared about fat soluble vitamins in the nutrient dense foods I buy from my farmer - foods containin healthy fats. Today I want to provoke you to move towards that with greater fervor by exploring what the bad fats, rancid oils and trans fats have been doing to our health both collectively and individually.

First, did you know that without an adequate amount of GOOD fat, your cell membranes can’t function and thuse the cell can’t function. Cells also replace themselves frequently - if you don’t give your cells new building materials, including adequate amounts of good fat, it will have to make the cell with materials from the worn-out cell it is replacing. Building new things using worn out parts might create a new thing that doesn’t work much better than the old one did.

Since cell membranes must be made with good phospholipids (fats) for them to work. Making them with bad fats or plastic fats prevents the process from working correctly. Since all of the brain and nervous system, the liver, and every cell membrane are made of fat, you must eat enough good fat to keep making good cells.

Secondly -did you know that a normal person is about 20-25% fat.
That means you need to eat about 20-25% of your normal body weight in fat every 8 months because your body completely replaces itself every 8 months. 

Tune in to get the rest of the conversation that will hopefully give you the kick in the pants you need, to level up this area of your life. 

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