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How to Use a Mind-Body Journal to Be an Expert of YOU!

I love getting to know myself and tuning into my inner wisdom. It's something I've craved my whole life that led me on a wild goose chase to trying so many things.  Such as, the next "it diet", to gain control of myself and life.

Having spent many years using diets and food plans to try and control myself, I'm here to tell you there is a better way to enjoy vibrant health.

If you are on a healing journey,  you will know that what you eat and the amount of food has a direct impact on your physical health. But did you know that those same choices also influence mood, mental alertness, memory, and emotional well being? Food can act as medicine, or it can be a poison to the body and mind.

But so can your approach to your diet. Your diet can liberate you or imprison you. You get decide which it will be. I choose freedom my loves. And in this post I want to share how I use boundaries to help me tap into my intuitive self when it comes to eating by using a mind-body food journal.

What Is A Mind-Body Journal

I am big on journaling, it helps me get to know myself better and learn about myself so I can also make good choices. That said, I also use a mind-body food journal to get even more insight about my health specifically.

Food journaling is a significant step in taking your healthy eating habits to the next level. However it's not just so you can physically feel your best. Food journaling, mind-body style, helps you connect to and take care of your soul, mind as well as your body.

Food journaling can be a lot like taking a hard look at your finances: scary, maybe even icky, but essential. The writing process allows you to release thoughts and feelings that take up space, to make room for greater transformation and change.

To become a more intuitive eater you must learn about your relationship with food.

A mind-body journal is simply a tool you can use in place of a food tracking style food journal. It incorporates your whole person and not just counting type measurements. A mind-body food journal is different from a “diet diary” because the intention is different, it’s about how food fits your life and your lifestyle. It's about how you FEEL and what you want, not just what you do. It's about how your body responds to food, stress and shows you who you are being as an eater (...I know that sounds weird, but bear with me here and keep reading).

How To Become An 'Intuitive Eater'

First off, mind body eating or intuitive eating is a concept that may be foreign in our modern day however it's imperative we get connected to our relationship to food for deeper healing.

You may think of food solely as a means to sustain your body, your energy and your health.

However, your relationship to food is much more complex, psychological and confusing.  'Mind-body eating'—trusting the inner wisdom of the body—is one of the greatest health struggles in this modern day.

You may find that you eat to replace love, desire and intimacy (I know I sure have). However, attempting to nourish yourself emotionally with food comes with many challenges, such as negative feelings, shame, suffering and self-sabotage.

Exploring your relationship with self, love and the role eating plays in your life is a topic that is more prevalent in our culture now more than ever. And I'm on a mission to empower you to embrace your relationship to food and take ownership of your own health.

Keep A Mind-Body Food Journal for Health & Healing

If you would like to understand the relationship between what you’re eating and how you're feeling once and for all, keep a mind-body food journal. It’s a powerful way to gain insight into eating habits and the impact of food choices on your mental and physical well-being.

Too often you may find that you eat mindlessly – on the run, watching television, behind the computer. A mind-body food journal helps create clarity between what you choose and how you feel. It leads the way to improved choices and because food is medicine, it supports total mind-body health and healing.

Here are some ways that you can use a mind-body food journal to help you become a more intuitive eater.

 - discover what you want most each day
 - practice gratitudeand feel 'soul nourished' to see how your state of mind helps you in your food choices
 - tune into your mood and see how you choose to eat
 - honor your hunger and stop feeling deprived
 - the satisfaction factor, learn how to feel truly satisfied with what you eat and why it matters.
 - make connections about what you eat with how you feel; mentally, physically, emotionally
 - learn what your body is trying to tell you as you reflect what you log each day
 - determine HOW you show up to eat and what that can show you

Review your journal at the end of each day and summarize your habits. Note the key factors for why you chose to eat the way you did, what was going on, how you felt and if there were any physical symptoms.

FREE: Printable Mind-Body Journal

I created a FREE printable mind-body journal for you so you can become an expert of your own body. You'll also get a video tutorial on how to use it and some follow up emails to keep you inspired and motivated in the process. Start your journal today. Track your eating habits for a few weekdays and at least one weekend day. Do this for at least two weeks and see what you learn about yourself.

You deserve to be your best-functioning self! Nourish and take care of your body, and your body will take care of you! Make sure you download your copy of my mind-body journal so you can start to be your own health expert.

Now, I'd love to hear from you! In the comments below, let me know if you've ever used a mind-body food journal and what your experience was like?

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