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PODCAST: Living a turned on life

In this episode, I shared some insights after being on a quick getaway to Ithaca New York. (By the way, have you ever been?)

I referenced a past podcast with Amy Love; 'Pleasure is the way out of burnout' and talked about what it takes to live a turned on life in the modern day (it may not be what you think). 

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My micro semi-local getaway was very intentional to be able to connect more deeply with nature (in a new place) and with my man. We both needed to change things up. 

The thing is that nature therapy isn't just a nice to have, it's a need to have. Humans are designed to thrive in a more natural environment and setting. It support cognitive function, physical health and psychological well-being. The further you get away from nature the more lost you become. 

While we were away, I was able to take a break from my work routine which is always helpful for creativity. I had some clarity on why this work I chose to do really is so incredibly important. As well as had a chance to revel in what my body can now do, after spending the last decade+ rebuilding my health and life. 

Tune in to get inspired and reminded of how to support your health and enjoy your life! 

By the way, you can check out my epic nature pics from all the gorges we hiked over on Instagram

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