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Guest Podcast: Mineral Rebalancing for Nervous System Regulation


In this episode, I'm chatting with Christa Bevan, host of the Radical Mother Village podcast.   After multiple encounters with burnout, I knew  there had to be more and needed to find a way to start living the vibrant life I knew was possible.  Through nutritional therapy, mineral balancing, emotional freedom and transformation coaching, I began to create a life I loved and my health turned around completely. 

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In this episode you'll learn:

• The benefit of hair tissue mineral analysis instead of other testing options to get a snapshot of your mineral imbalances
• The moment I knew I was burned out and couldn’t keep going the way she had been
The importance of healthy mineral levels for the functioning of our nervous system and the dangerous consequences if we’re out of balance
• The stabilizing effect minerals can have in our nervous system responses and how the work of rebalancing minerals goes hand in hand with the nervous system regulation work
• The advantage of working with a hair tissue mineral analysis practitioner so that you’re not “stabbing in the dark” when trying to balance your mineral deficiencies

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