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PODCAST: Let's talk about brain fog

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So, I took a poll recently and asked what podcast episode you wanted me to do the most next and the majority of you voted for BRAIN FOG. 

Listen to episode # 115 : Let's talk about brain fog - Find: A Joy To Be Me - On: iTunes, iHeartRadio, Stitcher or Spotify

Now here’s the thing -this episode isn't short : which may seem cruel to do to someone who is dealing with brain fog. So please listen when you have a clearer mind and fully hydrate first! 

Brain Fog is one of the most common symptoms I hear about / it’s not recognized medically - because honestly I don’t think they know what to do about it because it’s roots are many and vary from person to person (and we know the medical is very limited when it comes to doing the deeper digging *snark*). It’s also not easy to medically test for and it’s quite subjective.

Brain fog may be described as feelings of mental confusion or lack of mental clarity.  It is called brain fog because it can feel like a cloud that reduces your ability to think clearly.  It can cause a person to become forgetful, detached and often discouraged and depressed.  It usually is present most of the time, meaning it does not come and go, although it may become better or worse depending on what a person eats, or one’s state of rest and hydration.

With brain fog, You just know that your brain does not function well, and often seems foggy or cloudy.

Tune in to hear me unpack all the possible contributors to brain fog and what you can do about them.. 

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