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Rewilding: Embracing the Sexy Foundations of Health

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In a world filled with health trends and quick fixes, it's time to go back to the basics and make the foundations of health sexy again. Our modern society has disconnected us from nature and our innate biology, leading to a decline in overall well-being. It's time to rebel against this societal norm and rediscover the power of nature-connected living. This blog post explores the concept of rewilding and its significance in reclaiming our human birthright of vibrant health.

Rewilding: Reconnecting with Nature

Rewilding is about looking to our natural world to find ways of living that align with our biology. It means restoring ancestral practices that promote greater health and well-being for both humans and the ecosystems we belong to. Our current domesticated way of life has led to immense suffering, and it's time to reverse that process. By reconnecting with nature, we can reclaim our wild side and unlock our true potential.

The Importance of Nature-Connected Living

True health goes beyond physical comfort; it encompasses emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. Our disconnection from nature has led to a loss of nurturance and a disconnection from our deepest source. The concrete jungle many perceive as the outdoors is a far cry from the thriving, untouched nature we should be experiencing. As we continue to distance ourselves from nature, we face the consequences. It's essential to return to nature's ways to avoid the negative impacts it may have on our lives and the environment.

The Fundamentals of Human Health

To achieve lasting vibrant health, we must embrace the fundamentals that build health in the first place. These fundamentals are the core pillars of human health that need to become daily habits. They include sun exposure and circadian rhythm, quality water, clean air, nourishing food, movement, connection with others, and finding purpose in life. These pillars provide our bodies with the necessary inputs to engage the innate self-healing mechanisms, restore balance, and maintain vitality.

Health as a Daily Practice

Prevention is key when it comes to health. Waiting until we are already sick to make changes may be too late. By working on the fundamentals, we improve our chances of healing and maintaining good health. The fundamentals are not boring; they are the most sexy and empowering actions we can take for our well-being. Embracing these practices and going deeper with them allows us to unlock our true potential and live in vibrant health.

Returning to Our Wild State

Modern life has domesticated us, suppressing our innate awareness, passion, and joy. It's time to unleash our inner nature and reclaim our wild state. This mindset is characterized by curiosity, awareness, and passion, unlearned through social conditioning. The journey towards rewilding involves reconnecting with our instincts, rediscovering our nourished sense, and shifting towards a profound attitude change.

By rewilding ourselves and embracing nature-connected living, we can restore our passion, joy, and abundant health. The distractions and constant stimulation of modern life are steering us off course, but by returning to our instincts and incorporating daily rewilding practices, we can realign our systems and enhance our well-being. It's time to make the fundamentals of human health sexy and empower ourselves to live more freely and fully in our wildness.

As part of my commitment to rewilding, I am restructuring my work to focus on workshops, online courses, and coaching. I invite you to join me on this journey of embracing the fundamentals and unlocking your true potential. Let's make health a daily practice and rediscover the joy of being ourselves. Stay tuned for more updates on my vision for a rewilding community, where we can thrive together in harmony with nature.

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