The Mineral Solution Every Health Practitioner Must Have


Fellow practitioners, let’s be honest with each other…Not having one simple functional test to create a clear plan for addressing your clients mineral balancing needs can be an enormous detriment to your holistic health practice.


Trying to guess with minerals is like throwing spaghetti against the wall and hoping it will stick. 


You already know that testing matters. You already get that the ‘mineral piece’ is incredibly important.  But how do you develop an approach for your clients mineral needs that is customizable as well as a repeatable system so you don’t have to keep reinventing the wheel?

While developing a clear understanding of the mineral system is critically important, it tends to bring up a lot of stress for practitioners. . .

I know this, because I’ve been there myself.

Hi, my name is Lydia Joy

A couple years into running my holistic health practice online, I realized 2 things. 

First, my own health kept crashing and it took a major toll on me. 

Second, I realized that I could only take 95% of my clients so far before hitting a wall with zero clue on how to continue to support them. 

I realized I needed more clarity for both my own health and my clients.

So I turned to HTMA.

HTMA was the most affordable, big bang for my buck test I had access to back then, so I hired a colleague to mentor me. 

Once I got started, I never looked back.

The results I got for both myself and my clients blew me away. 

My clients LOVED how the test validated their health concerns and gave them a clear plan to work on.

And, when they actually implemented my recommendations they got amazing results.

Our bodies just work BETTER in all ways when the minerals are in place.

Over the years I’ve heard many practitioners say...

that trying to learn HTMA led to information overwhelm. Or that the lab graph is too hard to crack and way too confusing.

They feel that using the lab generated HTMA recommendations is very limiting. To combat this, they want to be able to create and customize their own protocols for clients. 

However, doing so takes them several hours to review one HTMA and create a protocol for their clients which is not a sustainable approach. 

But I find that when people finally get past their fear of or resistance to learning a whole new functional test and skillset, they tend to feel overwhelmed and wonder: “Where do I even start?”


I’ve witnessed so many practitioners go through their HTMA journey in fear and overwhelm, only to come out the other side feeling confused or discouraged. Or worse not taking any action at all and missing out on an amazing new tool and skillset.

I thought to myself, ‘Why is HTMA so hard? There’s got to be a better way to do this.”

Over the course of the past 8 years, I created course content, resources, materials, refined my processes and worked on HTMA with over 300 practitioners online, dozens one-to-one, and several hundred clients of my own.

Through my journey, I believe I have come up with a process that will be truly helpful, transformational and enjoyable for anyone who struggles with learning an entire new functional test and modality.

...and you can only learn this process in: 

The HTMA Practitioner Jumpstart

A 6 module, DIY, step-by-step, sustainable approach to integrating Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis into your holistic health practice so you can more effectively support your ideal client base and create effective bio-individual game plans.

The HTMA Practitioner Jumpstart was created to help holistic practitioners learn how to set up their practice to integrate HTMA, how to read and interpret the lab graph results and understand how to customize their client protocols with confidence and clarity.

By the end of the course you will:


  • have a repeatable process to support clients with, permanently! (so you can stop wasting time and start helping clients!)
  • be able to grow your business since you’ll have more time to spend on marketing to your ideal clients (less studying, more $$$)
  • Gain the necessary tools to efficiently create client protocols (giving your more time for family and yourself!)
  • Develop a new level of confidence and clarity around how you support your clients (so you can stop losing clients due to insecurities) 

Allow me to explain why integrating HTMA into your practice is so important...

First, people LOVE tests and hard data. It’s ingrained in us thanks to Western medicine…

Second, people feel validated when they understand what the information HTMA shows them about their entire health picture.

Third, it’s affordable and gives massive insight that no other test can show.

Fourth, it gives YOU, the practitioner, clarity on how to address the mineral piece of the puzzle for your clients, while also addressing every single health foundation.

Finally, it’s repeatable and intended to be used long term to course correct your client’s health.

BOTTOM LINE… HTMA Practitioner Jumpstart is here to save you money, time and stress!

I’ve downloaded all my best tactics and insights into a system that you can just take and run with so you can bypass the years of struggle and for such a tiny investment.

I’ve taught over 300 practitioners how to integrate and interpret HTMA for the past 8 years and this program is a newer, condensed, updated and streamlined version to get you out there ASAP using this amazing tool with clients. 

PLUS… You’ll be grandfathered in which means you’ll get all the future benefits of any updates or improvements I might make to the course, without having to pay any additional fees. A win-win for you!


*NOTE: This program is intended to be a self-paced DIY training for certified and licensed holistic health practitioners. 

What will you get out of the HTMA Practitioner Jumpstart?

  1. A lesson on setting up your Trace Elements lab account, the lab graph and what it means, and how to submit hair samples.
  2. My suggestions for choosing a supplement dispensary.
  3. An understanding of how to read the lab graph and what all the markers mean (with an emphasis on the core information you need to focus on right away with every client!).
  4. A deep dive into the Mineral Cascade (this is crucial) and how to start every client out with the right electrolytes and magnesium.
  5. Mastery on the difference between a slow oxidizer and fast oxidizer and how to work with each one effectively. 
  6. Safe, effective gentle detox practices and how the HTMA is the rest of the story for adrenal and thyroid health
  7. A look at how HTMA can help you support clients with blood sugar and digestion issues.
  8. Tools to customize and create effective client game plans that make sense for each and every client so that they can actually get results (rather than feel overwhelmed!). 
  9. Ideas on how to use your supplement dispensary versus the lab’s line of supplements (leading to more income!)
  10. My top TWO ways to offer your new HTMA services so you are crystal clear on what to do in every session (and not afraid to charge your worth!).
  11. An understanding of how to interpret a retest HTMA to assess changes in patterns and create a new plan to meet your client's fluctuating needs. 
  12. A variety of handouts and resources that you can use directly in your practice without having to reinvent the wheel.
  13. Case studies and demonstrations so that you can get a deeper understanding on HOW to apply the HTMA to different client situations.


In fact my core promise is that if you do the work and employ what I teach in the program with at least 5 clients you will get great results - if you don’t, get in touch with me and we’ll discuss why and I’ll make sure you are crystal clear, otherwise I will give you a 100% refund. It’s that simple!

Your investment right now is $997

But this price won’t last forever!

As more information comes out and better approaches are understood, I will update the material in this course… which means future pricing will reflect those upgrades!

With the HTMA Practitioner Jumpstart, you will be able to make an immediate return on your investment by enrolling just a few clients. After that, every client you enroll is pure profit! 

I wanted to make this an easy YES for all practitioners who want help navigating integration of HTMA into their practices. 

To work with me one-on-one and get everything in this course would cost you well over $4000.

That is why signing up TODAY will give you the most bang for your buck!


But what if it doesn't work for me?

Listen, I know you may have this question rolling around in your head. So let’s address it head on.

If you’ve taken other programs and they didn’t work - or perhaps if you are honest, maybe you just let some online courses collect dust in your laptop library of online learning - you may be fearful this will be the case for you again.

This course will work, if you do the work!

I truly believe if you are ready to dig in and do the work, you will love this program. I believe that so much so, that I guarantee it. And it’s my promise to you, that if you do the work, take the steps and work with clients and it still doesn’t work for you - just reach back out to me and let me know.

Show me you did the work, tried it with 5 clients and I’ll happily refund you your money.

I’ll take the risk for you. How does that sound? 

But remember, if you don’t believe you’ll actually do the course work and this program is just going to take up space in your laptop storage, don’t sign up.  I don’t give refunds for buyer's remorse. 

This is for you if...

  • You know your lack of understanding about minerals is hurting you
  • You want a functional test in your practitioner tool belt that covers all health foundations in one fell swoop
  • You have a health certificate or license that allows you to open an account with the lab
  • You live in the United States
  • You live in a state you are legally allowed to practice functional nutrition.
  • You want to set yourself apart
  • You want to be more valuable to another licensed practitioner in your area and work under them with something they don’t offer or know how to interpret.
  • You want more confidence and clarity in customizing protocols
  • You resonate with my approach: a whole person approach including lifestyle, stress relief care, dietary adjustments, appropriate supplementation, mindset, gentle detox practices. You want a way to be more intuitive in your work so you can create sensible plans for each person taking bio-individuality into consideration. In other words, you don’t trust computers to do your job entirely for you (aka: lab generated recommendations).
  • You have the following tech : a laptop / wifi and  a printer (there are numerous handouts in this program you might want to print out, but you can also download and save them so you can send to your clients that way as well).

This is not for you if …

  • You don’t have a health certification

  • You aren’t already set up to work with clients 1:1 (this is a quick fix, don’t let it hold you back)

  • You are still a student (feel free to come back and join once you graduate)

  • You live outside the United States (sorry, I can’t guarantee you will have access to the appropriate lab I teach in the course. Exceptions to this are; , Canada, New Zealand and Australia). 

  • You live in New York (sorry, it’s not you, NY doesn’t play nice with the lab).

  • You want personal coaching

  • You can’t commit to the process

I offer two ways to join ...

You can pay in full or choose 6 monthly payments

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6 monthly installments

Join now- get instant course access, while you pay $183 over 6 months.

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One payment

Join now and get instant course access.

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If you have ever considered adding hair tissue mineral analysis into your practice...

...but felt it was too confusing to crack or overwhelming to take the time to comprehend fully - The HTMA Practitioner Jumpstart is the solution for you. 

I’m giving you just the right amount of information you will need to get started offering HTMA in your practice. 

I’m giving you all the tools you’ll need to effectively offer it in your practice. 

I’m teaching you how to create your own protocols based on the lab results so you can use your own practitioner skill set and dispensary (and learn to not rely on the computer generated lab protocols). 

You’ll avoid the overwhelm of studying for all eternity to comprehend every nuance of the graph and learn to target only what your client needs to know now. 

You’ll gain so much clarity and confidence that you’ll start to have FUN working with clients! 

So, if you are ready to JUMP in and get to work, go ahead and sign up today!


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